The mission of Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage is to be a model environmentally sustainable, affordable, multi-generational cohousing community that is easily accessible to Belfast, includes land reserved for agricultural use and open space, and is an innovative housing option for rural Maine.


Just imagine…

…you’re living in a small neighborhood where everyone knows each other, and where you all share some important core values — a place where your children have playmates nearby, and can grow freely and safely in a stimulating, caring and nurturing environment.

…you can wander over to the common house to work in an office, play with the children, practice the piano, learn to paint, share a meal, or just hang out with family, friends, and neighbors.

…you don't need to own a lawnmower, tractor, rototiller, or snowblower as these are shared by the community, and that people will always be around to lend a hand if you need help with transportation, house maintenance, child care, or moving heavy items.

…your home has lovely light, great views, and is super energy-efficient, so utility bills and maintenance are minimal. It is closely connected to the community, and yet still provides all the privacy you need when you want it.

…your yard includes forty acres of rolling fields and woodlands with lovely paths, including one along the Little River and another that will take you into town. It has flower & vegetable gardens, with pens and pastures for chickens, goats, sheep, or horses, and is surrounded by another 140 acres of active farmland.

…you live in the vibrant seaside community of Belfast, Maine, at the crossroads of the midcoast, with easy access to the coastal areas of Camden, Rockland, Bar Harbor and maritime Canada — as well as inland to Augusta, Bangor, and the North Woods. If you have a boat, you can cruise 3,500 miles of coastline with over 3,000 islands — one of the world’s premier sailing areas.